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How video games are helping fight COVID-19

Video Game streaming website Twitch has raised $2.8 million for the World Health Organisation in 12-hour charity stream. Read more

Fingers crossed as British teams face Europa League round of 16 draw

Manchester United, Wolves and Rangers are the only remaining British teams left in the Europa League as Arsenal suffered a shock defeat to Olympiacos. There was also a mix in the mood for the British teams in the Champions League as Liverpool and Chelsea were defeated, whereas Manchester City picked up a win at the Bernabeu. Read more
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Ofcom cracking down on harmful social media content

Ofcom, who already regulate television and radio, will be governing social media platforms in an attempt to banish harmful content. Read more

Colombia is closing its borders in an attempt to control protests

Colombia's borders will be closed until Friday morning in their effort to stop violence and protests following on from September's similar demonstrations. Read more

Sir Steve Smith desperate for resolution on lecturer strikes

Students are left worried after a 'lack of care' following the reports of lecturer strikes. Sir Steve Smith states students don't come to university for contact hours. Read more

Fall out continues after embarrassing NFL brawl

Myles Garrett awaits suspension after his violent actions last Thursday night as both teams suffer the repercussions of the Cleveland and Pittsburgh match-up. Read more

Bale belittles Real Madrid after parading controversial flag

Gareth Bale has caused controversy by waving a provocative flag after Wales qualified for the 2020 European Championships. Read more

Jose Mourinho shocks the Premier League by joining Spurs

Jose Mourinho has joined Tottenham Hotspur on a four year deal, as Mauricio Pochettino was sacked Tuesday evening. Read more