Gaia Pitt-Judd

Breakthrough for women as misogyny now considered a hate crime

Following the recent backlash and protests against violence against women, misogyny will finally be considered a hate crime, Gaia Pitt-Judd reports. Read more

Thousands of Lego pieces lost at sea inspires nautical tale

After a huge cargo ship lost 20 containers off the Cornish coast, thousands of Lego pieces have been found by beachcombers. One of them, Tracey Williams, wrote a book about it. Gaia Pitt-Judd reports Read more

LIVE: UK seagrass is declining, but Cornish conservation is working hard

Gaia Pitt-Judd reports on the current state of the marine gardens that homes seagrass Read more

The unseen impact of isolation: Drug addiction in lockdown

An account of one user's experiences with both Cocaine and Valium, and an in-depth look, and perspective, on the the well being of addicts during the COVID-19 pandemic, from Gaia Pitt-Judd. Read more

Falmouth, Fascism and Graffiti: Have people got their priorities straight?

The Falmouth Packet comments exploded with anger, frustration and fascism debates on a recently posted article, which entailed a story of four individuals who left a trail of graffiti across Falmouth. Gaia Pitt-Judd explores how instead of condemning these young people, we should begin to source a place where youngsters can allow their imagination and creative abilities to run wild. Read more

Everything you need to know about the UCU strikes

From February 20th – March 13th, members of the University and College Union (UCU) are taking strike action across 74 institutions. Read more

10 dead in German far-right shooting

Nine people have died in two racially motivated shootings in the German town of Hanau. Read more

Dave calls out Boris in Brit performance

In Dave’s performance of his track ‘Black’ he added new lyrics, calling out Boris Johnson and the media. Read more

Violinist performs during brain surgery

In a groundbreaking surgery, a patient at King's College Hospital in London managed to successfully play the violin whilst having a brain tumor removed. Read more

The Festival of Curious Puppetry

The Poly in Falmouth’s Spring Gallery is hosting a wonderful collection of puppets from around the world, starting on Monday 27th January, ending on Saturday 14th March. Read more

Who will be the next Labour leader?

Here we see a rundown of the three new Labour leader candidates and what they stand for. Read more

The Sweatfast Club

The Sweatfast Club at Fives on Friday 14th, created by Falmouth student Alex Smith. Read more