Described as “the most important performance in the history of the Brits” and “a necessary wake-up call in the most provocative way”, rapper Dave called out Boris Johnson saying, “the truth is our prime minister’s a real racist”, and criticised the media treatment of Meghan Markle, compared to that of Kate Middleton.

The rapper also made comments on the treatment of Grenfell victims and the Windrush scandal.

Founder of ‘Trench’ magazine, Joseph Patterson said, “Artists like Dave and Stormzy don’t care what anyone thinks of their truths. It’s that simple. These young artists are fearless, they’re doing things their way and without puppet strings.”

Dave’s performance came at a timely moment, during a week in which the prime minister refused to condemn the views of an adviser who had given support for eugenics and forced contraception.

The former chair of the Conservative party, Sayeeda Warsi wrote: “After the appalling appointment of #Sabinsky & the shameful lack of condemnation this week from No.10 this performance felt like a necessary wake up call in the most provocative way.”

Actor and musician Jordan Stephens attended the Brits, and said that politically charged performances are happening at awards shows more frequently as they are a perfect platform for artists to express their anger about the ever-growing issues that affect them.

“We’re seeing a crop of artists who are emerging from a world where youth centres have been shut down as youth crime has risen…there’s the backdrop of the Windrush scandal and Grenfell. There’s a lot of anger at the moment. I don’t think this is a case of artists jumping on the bandwagon to get some time in the spotlight. This is genuinely how they feel.”