Star McFarlane

Concerns raised over proposed rabbit farm in Mylor Bridge

Star Mcfarlane looks into the local reaction to the proposed rabbit farm near Tregunwith Wood. Read more

Summer 2021 is back on! Reading Festival announces comeback

Star Mcfarlane has the latest on festivals, after Monday's government announcement that large events can resume from June 21st. Read more

The Tories must start paying the price for breaking the law

This week's High Court ruling that the Health Secretary acted unlawfully over Covid contracts was just the latest in a series of aberrations by the Conservative government. But, asks Star McFarlane, when will the electorate start holding them to account? Read more

University students campaign for Covid-19 relief funding

Nationwide, university students are launching a campaign to alleviate the adverse effects the pandemic has had on their education experience, asking for more emergency government funding to be diverted to students. Star MrFarlane investigates... Read more