Kurt Robson

It’s been proven that your cat is actually ignoring you

Kurt Robson reports on the new study that has revealed our domesticated cats are ignoring us. Read more

Students in dismay as The Stable stop selling 7.5% cider favourite

Student favourite, Lilleys Cider, is being removed from The Stable’s large selection of drinks, despite it allegedly being their best selling brand. Read more

Bridging the gap: Student event attempts to connect the old and young

A photography event being arranged by a group of students is attempting to connect the young and elderly residents of Falmouth. Read more

FXU election day at Penryn campus: voting is now closed!

Kurt Robson and Sarah Croft talk to potential FXU presidents on their week of campaigning Read more

Found it on Fitfinder: Is Fitfinder damaging for students?

Truthfal's Kurt, Sarah, and Megg look into the strangest posts on the Falmouth phenomenon 'Fitfinder', and discuss potential ethical debates surrounding the platform. Read more

A day with Charlotte Lloyd-Butler: ‘In the morning’

Truthfal's Kurt Robson spends a day with third year musician, Charlotte Lloyd-Butler. In the wake of her upcoming EP, 'In the morning'. Read more

Falmouth’s nightlife – terrible or just misperceived?

Falmouth University often struggle with the reputation that the nightlife is bad, but is this true? Read Kurt Robson's take on what the town has to offer. Read more

Talking Truthfal – We chew over the news of the week.

TruthFal's own James Haddow and Chloe Sweet with chat and opinion on what's going on Read more

‘Your abusive notes won’t make parking in Falmouth any easier!’

Kurt Robson is a firm believer that the Falmouth University parking scheme is broken, Read more

Shipping Containers: Would you want to live in one?

As Falmouth University prepares for an influx of students, does this quirky accommodation make the cut? Read more