A photography event being arranged by a group of Events Management students is attempting to connect the young and elderly residents of Falmouth.

They will are hosting a heritage community exhibition where archived images will be displayed next to modernized images to show similarities and changes over the years.

The team consists of Melia Violet, Connor Hourigan, Elsa Adr and Josh Billington. 

Josh Billington. One of the organisers.

Josh Billington, the photographer for the event, explained: “Both generations aim to make Falmouth a better place to be, but neither work side by side and can often share negative views of each other.

“I hope the community can come together to share the love of the place in which they live by attending and offering stories of their past and present.

“We wanted to demonstrate the evolution of Falmouth, allow the elderly residents to educate about Falmouth’s history, and the youth who may not have permanent residency to display their love and involvement with the town.”

The event is initially being planned as a one day affair on the 4th April. If a good turn out occurs, plans to extend the event for more days are considered.

Palacio Lounge will be hosting the event as the building used to be the town hall, fitting in with the theme of looking back on history.