By: Kurt Robson


“Falmouth University has the worst nightlife.” 


I’ve heard those words ushered out of so many people’s mouths, that at one point, I actually started to believe it. The fact is though the only people who have said that blasphemy, are people who have never visited Falmouth – and have no idea what it’s like to be a student down here.

Yes, on the surface, our nightlife could seem like it’s one of the worst in the Country; with only one real night out, pubs filled with expensive obscure ale and one smelly club that closes at 2am.

This, however, is just the tiniest scraping of the possibilities Falmouth students have at their disposal, and that’s what people who go to bigger Universities don’t understand. They honestly can’t fathom how you could have a good time without having a thriving club scene, and I feel really sorry for them.



I may be biased due to the fact that the clubs in Essex make me never want to go home (please don’t let third year end), but University culture shouldn’t be built around clubbing in the first place. I know this is a massive statement, and no matter what I write here, the culture will not be changing anytime soon, but I digress.


We could easily travel the amount that other students do in a cab to get to Truro – but we don’t, for good reason.


My University experience has been so much more than getting pissed, paying for a taxi, sweating out to awful music and then paying for another taxi home. Of course, I get drunk and I sweat out – but I do it when I want to, where I want to and without the constraints of a club dictating my experience. That’s not just because there are no clubs here – we could easily travel the amount that other students do in a cab to get to Truro – but we don’t, for good reason.



This is a touchy subject. House parties are sacred round here. Fight Club instantly comes to mind; “First rule of Fal house parties, don’t talk about Fal house parties.” They’re so integral to the Falmouth student experience and they’re treated like so. In spite of all the secrecy however, I am very much allowed to say that they’re incredible, and not achievable at any other University.

This isn’t an overstatement – I can’t imagine 80+ people fitting into a student home and nothing getting broken or stolen anywhere else. The mutual respect that every student has for one another is a thing of absolute beauty and something I probably won’t ever experience again. It’s special, and not something that the University can put in their prospectus.




I think the need for a club dies here because of our incredible surroundings and that’s forgetting the gorgeous coastline for a second, just have a walk around our student housing, it’s paradise. I can safely say, that no other Universities have the same kind of lifestyle we do. Where else can you walk down a road and see students sitting on sofas outside their homes, it’s beautiful.

Now – let’s get on to the obvious bit. Falmouth is incredibly attractive to look at; from its intricate cobbled streets, to its luscious stretching beaches, everything delivers a sense of awe. This is my third year as a student, and I am constantly finding places I didn’t know existed, always pulling back more of Falmouth to find more of its special little wonders.

I live in a house called Northfield Cottage, it’s down this almost hidden road and it has a huge front garden with a bloody palm tree in it. My friend who goes to Sheffield lives on a road with hundreds of different houses squashed together, with no palm tree and no sea view. Did I mention I also have a sea view?

I know at this point, it definitely seems like I’m gloating, but I don’t care. If you come to this University, it’s hard not to gloat – especially when you’re constantly hearing so many misinformed people.

Falmouth University is the best University in the country for student experience, and the teaching isn’t too bad either.