Scientists have just revealed that your cat does in fact know it’s name and is probably just ignoring you when it’s called.

A study that was released on Thursday proved the already agreed belief of cat owners everywhere – their feline doesn’t in fact care about they say.

The research found that almost all domestic cats could distinguish its name from other words and phrases, but with no intention of coming when called.

The understanding of cats is extremely limited compared to that of the domestic dog. We are aware that man’s best friend can recognise emotions and even feel guilt.

A large quantity of researchers believe that differences in the expression of cats and dogs comes down to the evolution process. Dogs are easier to train and more social animals due to the fact they’ve been bred to obey for longer – while cats have always been more independent animals.

This shouldn’t dishearten any cat owners out there, just because you own a little ball of sass, that furball still loves you.

TruthFal reporter Kasia Evans’ cat, Luna.

Here’s a few signs that will help you tell, according to some loose research, guesses and common sense:

  • PURRING. This is the ultimate sound of cat love. The cat version of whatever noise humans make when they get a really good massage.


  • Meowing. Cats do not meow at other cats. This is a language dedicated to you. A secret language of love.


  • Slow blinks. Research has shown that a slow blink from a cat is communication of affection. Have a blinking contest with your feline.


This new study may have provided owners some reassurance that it’s not them as a person that is leading their cat to be a bit of a dick.

What is important though, is to understand that cats are mysterious creatures, they make you work a little harder for affection – and that’s a beautiful thing