By Truthfal’s Kurt Robson and Chloe Sweet

On first glance, it is easy to assume that the new potential answer to Falmouth’s student housing crisis is nothing but a gimmick. A wacky idea that would only appeal to the zaniest of students. A bloody shipping container.

It’s not until you take a step inside the masquerading storage unit, that you get a glimpse into a possible end of Falmouth’s housing worries.

It was impossible not to feel some excitement as me and my colleague stood at the far end of the container. The hyperactive energy of the representatives radiated around the tiny space, as they explained their vision of what this could be.

Their vision, from what we heard, is a great one. An affordable, realistic and environmentally friendly way to create much-needed housing for an increasingly squashed University.

Irregular Cornwall, the organization trying to make this reality, has proposed to host the site on the industrial estate at Kernick, Penryn. Their plan is to create housing for 264 students – with the added promise of including a gym, health center, business units and even an outside swimming pool.

If planning permission is granted (which gets declared sometime in October) then this will be the cheapest place available to students, at £99 a week, all bills included.

Now, this obviously isn’t the perfect set up – in fact, it’s far from it. People who do creative courses will likely have the biggest issue with the container – as space is extremely minimal.

So small in fact, that it was pretty much impossible for us to get our camera into the bathroom to get some footage.