Megan Matthews

Another bar closes- is the food industry slowly dying?

After the closure of the Brig this weekend, there has been a rise in concern of what this could entail for the food and drink industry. We spoke to the Falmouth population to hear their say. Read more

THIRD NO DEAL: concerned campaigners hit streets of Cornwall

Last weekend campaigners hit the streets of Truro and Falmouth to raise their concern and march in retaliation to yet another rejection to Theresa May's plans for Brexit. We talk to MP Sarah Newtons office and local campaigners to highlight concerns and feeling towards Brexit. Will Cornwall take this matter into their own hands? Read more

Vegans Banning Bird Feeders; Whatever Next?

Last week, more nonsense has been risen by Vegans. Their latest opinion we should ban bird feeders as they feel it creates a personal zoo in gardens. Truthfal reporter Megan Matthews reacts to the latest risen concern by Vegans. Read more

Council pledges to solve empty housing issue in Falmouth

Truthfal reporter Megan Matthews assesses the latest housing crisis and finds out what actions Cornwall Council has taken to tackle the issue and reduce the amount of empty properties. Read more

Stop! Dog thief! Cornwall hit by Canine crime wave

Dog theft rises by 24% in 3 years across Cornwall - Megan Matthews asks how local owners feel. Read more