Remi Brand

What makes New York, New York?

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Events of the Week: March 8th-15th

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Being a minority in Cornwall: My experience

Truthfal's Remi Brand shares his experience of being an ethnic minority in one of Britain's least multicultural counties. Read more

Home(less) Invasion: Impoverished man hiding in student loft

Truthfal's Remi Brand speaks to the two students who discovered a homeless man in their loft. Read more

Tensions grow as Falmouth Pub has licence extended

With residential tensions on the rise after The Kings pub in Falmouth being granted an extended closing hour, Truthfal's Remi Brand meets with general manager Matt Thomsett, to discuss the issue Read more

Medicinal Cannabis UK: The right step?

Medicines derived from the cannabis plant are now being legalised; with such a controversial move, Truthfal's Remi Brand and Nate Emmanuel took to Falmouth to get the publics opinion. Read more

Falmouth’s Bass Scene: The students taking control

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Local Organisation sets out to aid those with Dementia

Truthfal speaks with Maisie Marshall, who has set up an organisation to aid people who suffer from Dementia. Read more

Prospective graduates dissatisfied with FXU decision on Summer Ball

Several graduating students have voiced there disapproval of the FXU's handling on the Summer/Graduation Ball; Truthfal's Remi Brand brings you what they had to say. Read more