James Hyden-Shepherd

Is Lithium the spark Cornwall’s mining industry needs?

With investment flooding in to explore the possibility of lithium mining in Cornwall Truthfal's James Hyden-Shepherd takes a look at whether this might be the jolt needed to revive Cornwall's mining industry. Read more

Cornwall’s Creative Industry in Chat: The Smales Lecture

Truthfal gives a quick preview of the Smales Lecture, a yearly lecture at Falmouth's Poly Art Centre concerning the future of Cornwall and it's institutions. James Hyden-Shepherd talks to this years host Kim Conchie, Chief Executive of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. Read more

Drawn to Life: An exhibition from Falmouth’s Game Artists

Falmouth University's Games Academy is putting on an exhibition of work from their Game Artists at the Poly this weekend. Truthfal's James Hyden-Shepherd made a visit to the exhibit. Read more

Light for Life: Students raise awareness of Cancer Research

Falmouth is playing host to a charitable event, Light for Life, which promises to raise awareness for Cancer Research through a thought provoking art exhibition. Read more

News Bulletin: Today’s Headlines with James Hyden-Shepherd

In today's news bulletin James Hyden-Shepherd gives listeners a look at all of today's headlines. Starting with international he zooms in to Cornwall, looking at the stories which matter to you this afternoon. Read more

Are people concerned about the February heatwave, or just enjoying it?

Truthfal's James Hyden-Shepherd talks to locals about the record February heat wave just the country just experienced and asks if they're excited or worried about it. Read more

The Huddle: Let’s cheer it for the boys with Allie Guy

The Huddle: A Weekly podcast looking at the best of Truthfal's features in just a bit more depth, with new interviews and additional comments from the reporter and a rotating pool of hosts. In this week's episode host Sarah Croft talks to Truthfal reporter Allie Guy about gender equality in sport. Read more

Ethical Media: Do you care where your games come from?

James Hyden-Shepherd discusses the ethics behind game development with Professors and students alike. Read more

Stan Lee: Death of a Legend

Marvel fans across the world mourn Stan Lee's passing, but surprisingly comic fans don't seem to share the general public's love of Lee. Truthfal's James Hyden-Shepherd investigates. Read more
Beyond Today is a new BBC Sounds Podcast

Beyond Today: Is the BBC’s “youth” podcast worth a listen?

Is the new BBC Sounds programme, Beyond Today, worth a listen? Truthfal's James Hyden-Shepherd has a listen to the show, and talks with one of its hosts Mathew Price. Read more

Across the campuses – Your latest FXU Video News bulletin

The first of our regular looks at what's going on at the Falmouth and Exeter University Union Read more