Falmouth’s Curious Hall will be playing host to an exciting charitable event next Friday titled, Light for Life.

The event, which is in aid of Cancer Research, is run by students of Falmouth University’s Creative Events Management Students. It will feature dazzling laser displays, sand animation, neon light workshops, and a whole host of other marvels, all inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Any exhibit basing on Kusama’s work is sure to be striking at the very least

Sophie Barber, Cornwall Local Fundraising Manager for Cancer Research UK said of the project “It has been such a pleasure working with such lovely students from Falmouth University who are so passionate about putting on an inspiring event to raise as much awareness for Cancer Research UK as possible.”

Yoyoi Kusma, the artist who inspired the exhibits, has been at the bleeding edge of the art world for over fifty years. Bringing her artwork from rural Japan to New York, she exploded onto the scene during the pop-art movement of the mid 60’s. Her work is conceptual in nature, generally themed around feminism, minimalism, and surrealism.

The exhibit can be found on Friday the 5th of April from 17:00-20:00pm at The Curious Hall, Falmouth.