Game Artists from Falmouth University are putting on an exhibition at the Poly this weekend featuring work from their rather extensive portfolios.

The artists, each a student at Falmouth University’s Games Academy, are all keen to show off the work that is seldom seen outside of the development process.

The work itself is wide ranging, from character concepts to landscapes which have never existed outside of the mind of the artist before.

They’re all striking, all unique, and all a delight to behold.

Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3 Exhibit 4 Exhibit 5
Johanne Bergill, Launchpad MA Entrepreneurship

Talking to some of the artists who were at the exhibition with their work, I managed to gain a sense of what it means to them to have their work shown in a gallery.

Sophia ‘Spooks’ Rodyakin, 2nd year Games Art student, said:

“I suppose its just very validating to see the academy wants to show our work off. Games are often underestimated as art.

“It’s really cool to see that games have started to be accepted as art as genuinely something anybody can enjoy.

“I think it’s really cool to show the general public what we’re doing in this space outside of our studio and really good to see what our peers are doing.

“We have so much diversity of style and talents that, even though the academy is such a small space, you never usually get to see all of it.

“It’s great to see our projects in an actual gallery space too, I think it’s really important to show that our work is of quality and is actual art beyond its use in games.”

Many of the exhibits were interactive, as one would expect from art out of the Games Academy – including a game by senior researchers at the academy called Tevi which seeks to teach players about sustainability.

Several of the other exhibits are video tours of entire virtual rooms or worlds created by various up and coming games artists.

The exhibit continues for one more day, and I would urge all of my readers to check it out and see the fantastic work being done by artists from the Games Academy.