Ella Smith

Should Prince Phillip be getting more recognition than Nikki Grahame?

Ella Smith debates the amount of reportage on Nikki Grahame's death compared to the Duke of Edinburgh. Read more

Festivals are back! Six events to check out in Cornwall this summer

With festivals and events given the go-ahead by the government, the return of a event-filled Cornish summer is finally back on the horizon. Reporter Ella Smith has investigated what's on in the South West this summer, offering us the best six events to watch out for. Read more

BBC Three set to burst back onto our TV screens

As BBC Three plan their return to TV screens, Ella Smith looks at how this will affect viewing habits amongst younger demographics, and why the channel went off-air in the first place. Read more

Government cash means Tamar toll rise postponed until June

After toll prices were due to rise on the Tamar bridge due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lifeline has been given by the government. Ella Smith reports... Read more

The pandemic that divided our end of life rights

When Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away, he was surrounded by his family in his last moments... But for many during Covid-19, this is not the case. Is it right that the government made an exception for one and not everyone else? Ella Smith discusses... Read more