Allie Guy

International Autism Awareness Week

With autism affecting every 1 in 100, the International Autism Awareness week is an important time for everyone to realise how prevalent the condition is within society and the different ways in which it can manifest. Allie Guy talks to Aldo Vanucci who's son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Read more

Placard galore: A rundown of the best picket signs at the People’s Vote march

Allie Guy went along to the People's Vote March in London last week. She explains Remainers feelings through their placards. Read more

Global warming: Even the cries of children might not be enough

Allie Guy gives her opinion on the impact of the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement, which saw 400 school children gather in Truro earlier this month to protest for better global warming policy. Read more

Arson thought to have caused Falmouth barn fire

A fire at a farm on the outskirts of Falmouth is being treated as suspicious according to police. Allie Guy investigates. Read more

Plastic free: UK first for Falmouth Fire Brigade

Falmouth's fire brigade is the first in the UK to get a 'plastic free' status. Allie Guy finds out how they've managed this. Read more

Equality in sport: Let’s cheer it for the boys

Allie Guy speaks Tom McIntosh, a male FXU Fusion member on the subject of male participation in the sport following the Superbowl. Read more

Leader of the Liberal Democrats visits Cornwall

Truthfal's Allie Guy gets an exclusive interview with the leader of the Liberal Democrats. Read more

The Remembrance Day that forgot the planet

Allie Guy investigates why plastic poppies were allowed to fall into the sea in 'Plastic Free' Falmouth Read more

Cornwall councillor aims to make Falmouth streets safer

Jayne Kirkham speaks to Truthfal about the Safer Falmouth Scheme Read more

The people have protested but what happens now?

Allie Guy discusses whether the second biggest protest in the UK's history will have any effect on the outcome of Brexit. Read more

The People’s Vote March

Allie Guy travelled to London to witness the second largest protest march in British history. Read more