Allie Guy

Thousands could be £80 worse off a month under the Universal Credit scheme

Truthfal's Allie Guy heads to Cornwall Council's county hall to find out why the council are predicting that Cornish families will be almost £80 worse off a month under the new Universal Credit scheme Read more

The RoomMate: Cornish device assists blind when nature calls

Turhtfal's Allie Guy finds out about the RoomMate, an audio assistive device of the first of its kind which will hopefully make the lives of the visually impaired and blind just that little bit easier Read more

Storm Emma no match for Falmouth’s community spirit

Most of Falmouth might be closed but Milo Gore risked the snow to provide Falmouth with some entertainment during the arctic weather. Truthfal's Leah Crossman and Allie Guy found out more Read more

Seaside town turns ski resort as Storm Emma hits Falmouth

Truthfal's Allie Guy and Leah Crossman brave the freezing temperatures to test out Falmouth's latest attraction - the ski slope - before it melts! Read more

FXU Elections: Meet your presidents. But where were the voters?

Truthfal's Kieran Buggs and Allie Guy give you a round-up of the FXU Election results and speak to the re-elected Communities and Welfare president Harry Bishop. Read more

FXU Elections 2018: Candidates make their final pitches

Allie Guy gives meets Chris Slesser, the current FXU Falmouth President, to find out what the position entails. Plus a brief explanation of everything you need to know about the elections. Read more

How Harry met Will: The duo reviving Cornish history

Turthfal talks to the man who lost his voice to cancer in 2009 and finds out how, with the help of a friend, he is still managing to release an album. Read more

New goal for ex-footballer: Saving the planet!

Alexandra Guy meets a former Manchester United defender who has opened a packaging-free shop in Totnes Read more

Help for Houston – Cornish relief agency sends tents to Texas

Shelter Box aims to private spaces in public refuge centres for victims of the flooding Read more