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Truro’s protests declare ‘Black Lives Matter’

Truro’s protests declare ‘Black Lives Matter’

The rescheduled Black Lives Matter protest in Truro took place on Monday, with hundreds gathering to protest racial injustice and thousands more expressing interest and support on the event's Facebook page. Ellice Marsh, one of the co-organisers, reflects on the event and why the Black Lives Matter message is still relevant here in Cornwall. Read more
The infectious allure of “We are the virus”

The infectious allure of “We are the virus”

Dr. Jacqueline Klopp of Columbia University discusses the popular online memes expressing a dangerous 'eco-fascist' sentiment in the wake of COVID-19. Read more

Know the reason why: St. Piran’s Day celebration in Truro

Caitlin Richards was in Cornwall's capital for the annual celebration of Cornish heritage and history Read more

Antarctica breaks two heat records in one week, hitting 20C

Even the planet's coldest continent is feeling the heat, as Antarctica reaches 20 degrees Celsius for the first time in recorded history. Read more

Newsday 21 November — Live Blog!

Caitlin Richards keeps you up to date with everything that's going on on our newsday. Read more

Portuguese man-o-war sightings fascinate beachgoers

The autumn westerly winds have swept some Portuguese man-o-war hydrozoans ashore on northwestern beaches in Cornwall. The public is encouraged to record any sightings of these unique and interesting creatures -- but don't touch! Read more

Livepage 28th February

This is the Truthfal livepage for Thursday, 28th February. Read more

A wodhes’ta kewsel Kernewek? Cornish comes back to life

Caitlin Fikes drops in on a Cornish class in Penryn to explore why this language of yesterday still holds meaning to the people of today. Read more