2020 has already been the hottest year on record, and Antarctica has been no exception.

Temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius were recorded this week by scientists on Seymour Island, sparking fears that it may be a devastating spring and summer for the southernmost continent.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on his commitment to climate change, as Caitlin Richards reports.

Sea ice is crucial for cooling the planet, as it reflects much of the sun’s rays back into space. When that ice is lost, the sun’s heat is absorbed by the dark ocean or land surface instead – so the more ice we lose, the faster the planet warms.

Speaking for the World Meteorological Organization, Clare Nullis said, “The amount of ice lost annually from the Antarctic ice sheet increased at least six fold between 1979 and 2017.”

The stunning news has renewed calls for international decisive action to eliminate carbon emissions and prepare for a vastly changed climate.