Free popcorn being handed out to everyone who votes.

It’s safe to say that universities around the UK are a hub for political debate, whether it be Theresa May’s appearance on This Morning re-igniting the flame under the boiling pot of tuition fees or the continuing plea from students for better mental health care on campus.

On a slightly smaller level, Falmouth University is holding their annual presidential elections this week. Around the campus, you’ll encounter passionate campaigning and persistent encouragement to cast your vote.

VIDEO: In an exclusive with Truthfal, Chris Slesser, the current FXU president for Falmouth discussed his experience over the last two years and gave a few words of wisdom for the current candidates.

FXU has a total of four presidents running throughout the year; Falmouth’s president, Exeter’s president, the community and welfare president and the student experience president.

The role of student president sees them being paid an annual wage of almost £20,000, but what exactly are they doing to deserve this?

Being president is a full-time job which students can either chose to undertake at the end of their studies or in a year out. The main focus for the presidents is to represent the student’s voice. Each candidate collates a manifesto before they run for election, this manifesto sets out what they hope to achieve specifically with their time in power if they receive the most votes.

Collectively they are in charge of representing students in all aspects of university life, liaising with the universities’ academic board, the board of governors and registry, hosting and being part of a range of events throughout the year and much more.

You can cast your vote online or on campus. Polls close on Friday 23 at midday and results will be announced the same day at 7pm in the Stannary on Penryn Campus.