The shop in Totnes only sells food without packaging. (Picture: Earth. Food. Love)

From defending a goal to defending the planet, Richard Eckersley has gone from premier league footballer to become the UK’s first zero waste supermarket owner. With help and support from his wife, Nicola, Richard has ditched the pitch and the couple have moved to Totnes with their baby daughter, Willow, to pursue their dream of creating a more sustainable future.


Earth.Food.Love is the UK’s only zero waste, organic, bulk buy, plant based wholefood shop. The shop, which opened at the beginning of the year, is situated in Totnes, a market town in the South of Devon renowned for its eco-friendly community.


Eckersley playing for New York Red Bulls

Richard said: ‘We chose Totnes as we think it is the most forward thinking town in the UK. There’s no other town like it, it’s a beautiful and an amazing place.’

 ‘We hope to inspire and encourage people with what we are doing’

‘It also has the community factor, which is important for our daughter, Willow’.


The ex-Manchester United player told Truthfal that this change of course took him by surprise as originally he had no intention of retiring from his footballing career for another seven years. It was recent trips abroad, to environmentally advanced places, such as New York, that inspired Richard’s passion for saving the planet.


Richard and Nicola’s unique supermarket contains over 200 products and produce that come without packaging, are organic and ethically sourced. But their mission doesn’t stop there, Earth.Food.Love is a member of 1% for the Planet; an organization that tackles the most pressing issues facing the planet, by using donations of 1% from business turnover to fund their causes. The couple also write a heartfelt blog which provides details of their journey, tips for bettering the planet and proof of their passion for the environment.

Richard, Nicola and Willow outside their shop in Totnes


Richard added: ‘We hope to inspire and encourage people with what we are doing’.


So next time you take a trip to Totnes, don’t forget to take two important things; your own jars and an open mind.