Katherine Archer

Cornish Climate Cafe helps locals cope with climate crisis

Kat Archer explores 'Climate Cafes', the new initiative that has popped up in Helston as a means of helping people process feelings of anxiety in light of worsening climate change. Read more

Children go hungry after food insecurity in Cornwall

Kat Archer looks into food insecurity in Cornwall, and how the pandemic has highlighted the number of children that go hungry. Read more

Local farmer fighting to bring beavers back to Cornwall

Truthfal's Kat Archer spoke to the founder of the Cornwall Beaver Project on why they have decided to reintroduce beavers back to the county after nearly 400 years of extinction in the UK. Read more

Air and infertility: Is pollution shaping future generations?

Kat Archer looks into a recent study which suggests air pollution plays a key role in infertility and discusses the troubles surrounding the problem. Read more

Crowdfunder set up to save Causley Festival of Arts and Literature

Following the coronavirus pandemic, the Causely Festival of Arts and Literature has been hit hard financially so a Crowdfunder has been set up to help out. Kat Archer reports... Read more