Joseph Macey

Talking Heads: My Afternoon With A Stranger

Joseph Macey interviews Carina Adam, the founder of One Hour Connect, to find out the root of the problem behind why people don't communicate anymore. Read more

Football celebrations: Can they overstep the mark?

Joe Macey and William Gavin highlight the weekends game between Celtic and Rangers in the Scottish Premier League. After Scott Brown prompted angry reactions from fans, players and commentators for his celebration. Reaction to interviews from Sky Sports and BT Sport respectively. Read more

Fighting for their future: Cornwall’s Brexit rally

Saturday's People's Vote march in London is estimated to have attracted a crowd of more than 1 million people. For those who couldn't make the journey up to London, Cornwall for Europe held their equivalent. Read more

The best things to do for free in New York

On the recent Falmouth University trip to New York, Truthfal's Joseph Macey looked at the best things to see and do on a budget. Read more

Spring in their step: Falmouth celebrates its annual seasonal festival

Falmouth has signaled the beginning of spring with its annual festival. Volunteers have taken to the streets to help in the cleaning days, enjoyed guided walks and had a drink at Science In The Pub. Read more

Tips to looking after yourself at university

Heading off to university is an exciting time for most people but it also comes with a range of new responsibilities. It is easy to ignore the advice given by your parents but these top tips might be worth listening to. Read more

Prescription medicine prices rising, should they be free?

In 2016 Holly Worboys sadly passed away after suffering from an asthma attack as she could not afford the medication. Is cost cutting within the NHS really more important than someone's life? Read more

The Cornwall business leading the way in marine technology

This week a local marine technology company announced a grant to fund work for a futuristic robotic arm that is to be developed in Penryn Read more

Plastic-free: FXU Beach Clean Project Seal Sanctuary trip

During plastic-free week a trip to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary was held, a chance for students to understand more and see for themselves the impact plastics are having in our oceans. Read more

The beach clean project taking matters into their own hands

An estimated 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of each year. Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1 million sea creatures every year. Now, a Falmouth student led scheme is attempting to save the planet, one beach at a time. Read more

Clubbing it: Is nightlife improving or regressing in Falmouth?

Falmouth's favourite clubbing locations keep closing down - but the town's nightlife might not be dead just yet. Read more