New York has a reputation for being an expensive destination. Often you will see high prices charged for food and attractions. But there are also a lot of fun, free things to do as well. Here is a guide on the best things to do without breaking the bank.

Take a walk through Grand Central Terminal

The hustle and bustle of Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central has been the scene of many famous movies, I Am Legend, The Untouchables and The French Connection, just to name a few. It is not just a station – it’s a shopping, dining and cultural destination that you can spend a lot of your time in. It is free for you to soak up the atmosphere. Opening nearly a century ago, the terminal has recently been renovated. Grand Central is well worthy of a visit if you are in New York.

Take in the sights at Times Square

The bright lights in the city that never sleeps.

Flashing lights and giant billboards. Times Square can be slightly overwhelming at first, but walking through there is a host of things to do and see. Times Square is unforgettable and like no other place in the world, it is true to it’s word, the city never sleeps. There are tables and chairs to sit on if you’ve had enough of walking, sit on the red steps that feature in the “Empire State of Mind” video, an endless amount of shops to look in. It seems to go on forever and is a must see if you visit New York.

Among all the free things, I had to stop off for a hot dog which came to $2. I approve.

Walking across The High Line

The High Line is an abandoned railway track turned into a walkway

The High Line was opened in 2009 as a public space for nature, art and design. The mile long walkway on Manhattan’s west side, it boasts stunning views of the city and hosts free regular events. The High Line is a completely different experience to that of Times Square, it is peaceful and only the slight noise of cars going underneath the track can be heard. You can look over at the buzz of Times Square in the quiet, artistic space. The walkway includes food and drink vendors, murals and a variety of art pieces.

The New York Public Library

The architecture from the inside is breathtaking

Reading might not be on the top of your agenda on a trip to New York but this is well worth a visit. The library boasts over 10 million books and 45 million research items, and attracts some of the brightest minds involved in research. It is hard to see everything and I missed out on the map room and the rare book section. The library regularly holds events, impressive exhibitions and plays films. There is so much to do, and it should be on your checklist.