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Airport Future: Cornwall Airport Newquay looks forward to the upcoming Summer Season (Photo Credit: Cornwall Airport Newquay)

Following on from our story on the likely operator of the Newquay to London PSO link in early March, we can confirm that the start date for this service has been delayed for an undisclosed period of time.

In the Cornwall Airport Newquay (CAN) Consultative Forum on Thursday 25th March, Pete Downes, Managing Director for the airport, addressed questions surrounding the long-awaited PSO link and when it is expected to resume: “The London PSO is continuing to progress and we’re increasingly optimistic there will be positive news on that to come soon”.

Pete Downes - Newquay Airport

Leading the way: Managing Director of Newquay Airport, Pete Downes (Photo Credit: Cornwall Airport Newquay)

“I think the anticipated service start date was the beginning of the summer season, which was this coming weekend. Clearly, that’s now not going to happen.

“We anticipate it will now be in the late spring, in line with Government guidance for re-opening in England”.

The Airport business update report published alongside the meeting expressed that “previous industry optimism around a return to commercial flights by Easter proved to be premature, but the prospect of some domestic and limited international capacity returning during May and June remains a possibility”.

It is expected other routes for the airport, including new services launched from both Loganair, and easyJet, some of which have had their start dates postponed also, will provide a significant capacity boost for stay-at-home vacations (staycations) to go ahead this summer.

It has also been announced in the last 48 hours that the airport has been successful in its application to the Airport and Ground Operations Support Scheme (AGOSS), which was announced originally in November by the Department for Transport to support the sector.

Cornwall Airport Newquay is expected to get around £450,000 from the Government as a result of this, with Pete Downes stating “This will be extremely helpful in supporting our ongoing challenges we’ve identified for the coming year”.

You can stay up to date with the latest information surrounding route restart dates on Cornwall Airport Newquay’s website here…


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