A contraceptive pill for men has officially been deemed ‘safe to use’ by researchers at the University of Washington and LA BioMed.

The pill, which is to be taken once a day, much like the current contraceptive pill taken by females does also have side effects. Whilst it has passed safety tests, there is no evidence that pharmaceutical companies will get behind the idea and give the pill the financial backing it needs to be produced at mass.

Many have questioned why this pill has taken so long to become available, since the contraceptive pill for females was first prescribed by the NHS in 1961.

After speaking to male students around Falmouth’s Woodlane Campus, the main concern amongst them were the side effects and forgetting to take the pill at the same time every day. Despite this, the majority said they’d be open to taking the pill to relieve the responsibility from women.

Interestingly, nobody mentioned the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases by using the pill as contraception.

Watch below to find out exactly what men are thinking about the idea of their very own pill.