Leah Crossman

The contraceptive pill: Is it no longer a woman’s work?

Leah Crossman asks students about their views on male contraception and whether they’d take it themselves. This comes after the news that the male contraceptive pill is officially safe to take. Read more

Women face side effects as GPs withhold “expensive” contraception

Leah Crossman finds out about the struggles women face as GPs are told not to prescribe certain pills that are 'too expensive' for the NHS. Read more

The final countdown: AIM to deal with your deadline stress

Leah Crossman speaks to AIM president, Tom McIntosh, about how to escape your deadline worries next week and just relax! Read more

10,000 steps a day: Reaching fitness goals or new levels of anxiety?

Leah Crossman investigates whether health and fitness tracking apps are helping us to achieve a healthy lifestyle or just creating major anxiety when we don't hit the recommended daily step count. Read more

National Organ Donor Day: How to save a life

Leah Crossman finds out why young people should take a stand and sign up to the National Organ Donor register. Read more

“Woken up to gin again”: How Cornwall captivated the gin industry

Leah Crossman investigates what has caused the boom in Cornish gin and whether this trend is here to stay. Read more

Is getting naked the answer to our low self esteem?

Leah Crossman comes to terms with the naked body and the huge amounts of positivity that we could all benefit from if we stripped off once in a while. Read more

Are you too old for an Advent Calendar?

Leah Crossman heads out onto campus to find out how many of us still await the 1st of December, so we can eat away the days until Christmas. Read more
Leah Crossman in Manchester

Never more of a Manc: Reflections on my scarred but defiant city

Self-styled Mancunian Leah Crossman had an early night on May 22, but awoke to find even her quiet home town of Glossop gripped by fear - and defiance - after the Manchester Arena terror attack. Read more