The ‘front, short for ‘The Waterfront’ in Falmouth has been awarded CAMRA Kernow’s Pub of the Year and Cider Pub of the Year awards, unifying the titles for the first time in CAMRA Kernow’s history.

Popular with locals for its views over Falmouth estuary, regular dance nights, and friendly partnership with the award winning Harbour Lights Fish and Chip shop, it is no surprise that The ‘front has previously won the CAMRA Kernow Pub of the year award in both 2011 and 2012, and went on to reach the finals of CAMRA’s 2011 National Pub of the Year awards.

Pubs in the local and regional stages of Pub of the Year are judged according to reviews made via CAMRA’s What Pub application, as well as reports made from visits to the pub. Over 6000 reviews of beers and ciders were submitted in Cornwall this year.

In light of this, The Front’s winning of Kernow Cider Pub of the Year is particularly notable, given that out of its 14 pumps only two are typically dedicated to cider.

Matt Reay, The ‘fronts manager, said “It was kinda an accident the cider one, I thought it might be good to have a couple more in for the cider festival down the road and the folks came in to judge us a bit after. Was only meant to be for a bit but I think we’ll have to carry on with it now.”

A cracking pint of Secret Orchard Cider

The ‘front supplements its extensive range of local ales with several events a week, and some yearly specials. These are a staple of the local community, with weekly favorites such as the Breton Folk Dancing and Folk music evenings leaving the pub with standing room only.

The ‘front will be presented with its awards this Saturday at 13:30.