It’s very easy to get stuck into a routine on a night out. Go to this place, end at that place. Falmouth is bursting at the seams with places to drink, however, and it’s always good to branch out.

That is why we have devised a list solely for educational purposes, on the perfect way to experience a full night out in Falmouth Town.

But, remember, be careful out there. We don’t need to tell you to drink responsibly.

The Packet Station (Wetherspoons)

Oh, the good old spoons! It’s a sanctuary of familiarity and cheap drinks – you’ll find a great time here, as long as you don’t mind the fact that your conversation could very easily be eavesdropped on. JD Wetherspoon seems to embrace the motto: “conversation is the most important thing” and that’s all good, as long as you’re not looking for some privacy.

Finn M’Cóul’s

This pub will without a doubt have something for everyone. Pure character and charm is enough reason alone to pay Finn M’Cóul’s a visit; it doesn’t even matter that it’s always sporting a variety of local bands and musicians, a jukebox and an actual football table.

Okay, the football table isn’t anything to get particularly excited about – but watching M’Cóul’s regulars battle for the win like their playing for their life is extremely entertaining.


A hipster’s paradise. Cool Spanish beers, red sofas and a tonne of hip-hop events.


Beerwolf is so unique that I sometimes think it doesn’t know what it’s trying to be. Not that it matters, it’s always busy and people embrace the strange escape.

Beerwolf is a bookshop as well as a pub – it encourages you to have a browse and a read while you’re drinking one of their strictly local drinks. Admittedly it’s not to everyone’s taste – and I find it best when I need to de-stress after a long day. When going in there on a night out, it can sometimes feel like you’re drunk in a library – fun, but a little intrusive.

The Grapes

Ever since the closure of Mangos – it seems that Grapes has become a kind of healing mechanism for lovers of the fallen club. It’s not quite a club, though, as it doesn’t really have a dance floor – when the managers feel like it however, they’ll clear some of the tables and put some flashy lights on. That’s good enough for anyone, we’re not picky around here.

If you fancy having something a little bit toxic, you’ll have to have the ‘Legendary Juicy Lucy’. This not-so-legendary concoction mixes nearly every spirit Grapes has into a small plastic cup, the most dangerous thing about this drink, though – is how bloody nice it tastes.


Speaking of concoctions – coming to Toast after you’ve already stopped at a number of places before it, probably isn’t the best idea.

Speaking from experience – you’ll likely think it would be perfectly reasonable to sustain from the beer you’ve been drinking all night, and branch out to something a little bit more exotic. You’d be in the best place for it. The menus all over the wall would make it hard for even an alcohol hater to not purchase something.

The ‘Old J Tiki Fire and Ting’ are notorious among students as the drink that will sort your night out in the cheapest way possible – 75.5% Old J gin mixed with a canned fizzy drink called Ting. The real draw to Toast is its incredible shot board, though, boasting over 25 shots all broken into sections: ‘Love Da Cake?’, ‘Chocoholic?’, ‘Sweet tooth?’ and ‘Need a kickstart?’



This is what I call a sitcom bar. It’s one of those ones that not many people know about, and once you find your ‘sitcom’ table – you and your group will want to claim it forever. My group’s table is opposite the bar, just in case you thought of visiting and needed to know not where to sit. Unless of course, it’s one of those episodes where the sitcom gang find another group sitting in their seats – oh, pop culture!

Anyway, Rumours is this beautiful little gem just off of the high street (opposite the burrito bar), you’ll see the little door glowing and instantly fall in love. I won’t ever get tired of walking downstairs and the incredibly friendly owners greeting you; they once actually said “Usual?” when I was ordering a drink – it’s a sitcom bar!

I definitely cut down on visits after that, though.

The Stable

Here we all are, the fateful end of the high street, the final stop – what a way we have come since we set sail from Wetherspoons.

I’ll get this out of the way first. If you don’t like cider – don’t come to The Stable. Cider is their absolute love and all they want to do is spread their love around – the only other drinks they do are wine and two unique lagers (both expensive, both not worth it).

You probably wouldn’t have heard of any of the ciders that are on offer here – use this to your advantage, though; all of the staff will be very happy to offer tasters and advice on what you should purchase. The personal favourite between me and the people I know is the Bee Sting.

5 Degrees West

Here we are – the fateful end of the high street, the final destination. What a way to end as well – a classy, atmospheric and cosy pub. That is, of course, if you’re staying on the top floor. Up here on the upstairs, you’ll find a nice selection of your usual drinks with comfortable seating and very often a local band. If that isn’t enough – there is a bookshelf full of board games to play with your friends. Honestly, what more could you want?

If you venture to the downstairs – named Five Degrees Below, you’ll find something very different. A room no bigger than your bedroom, with a bar and a space for the DJ. That is all it offers. However, for some reason – there are usually queues out of the door to get in. This little venue hosts a variety of different club nights – ranging from ’90s themed parties to drum ‘n’ bass smash-ups to hosting a live stream of the Presidential election. I attended the latter – it was an experience to say the least.

As you may have noticed, I have left out Club International. This is almost utterly because I think it’s hell on earth – and I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that I’ve recommended it to someone. The list is over now, whatever you do is on your own heads.

Other Falmouth pubs and bars worth tossing into the mix include the legendary Jacob’s Ladder, The Shed, Front, The Chainlocker, Hand Bar, The Chintz Symposium and the Star & Garter.