Olivia Churchill

A rough ride: Snelson narrowly misses out

Truthfal's Olivia Churchill travels to Newport, with a clan of Cornish supporters, as Falmouth Wheelers member Robin Snelson takes on a cycling challenge. Read more

Pages of the sea: Thousands gather to mark centenary of WW1

Truthfal's Olivia Churchill joined thousands of people on Perranporth beach, to mark the centenary of Armistice day. Read more

Fine Margins: Relegation heartbreak for White Tigers

Truthfal’s Olivia Churchill speaks to spectators and players about Truro City Football Club decline, on the final day of the season to hear about why the club spiralled into relegation. Read more

Students shake off stress as first morning rave hits Cornwall

With half of Falmouth University students seeking mental health services, Truthfal’s Olivia Churchill heads to Breakfast Boogie to find out whether more mindful activities should be introduced to alleviate university pressures? Read more

Today’s Headlines and Sports with Olivia Churchill and Alice Cass

We round-up the latest national and local news, after another turbulent week in Parliament with a no-deal on the horizon posing a threat to the Cornish pasty. We also reflect on racial issues in football and the controversy surrounding Ladies Day at Aintree. Read more

Cornwall marches for Europe in hope of revoking Article 50

Truthfal’s Olivia Churchill attended the Cornwall for Europe event where crowds gathered in Truro to show their solidarity for a second vote. Read more

Bottle Match: From the triumphs to the tears

Truthfal's Olivia Churchill and Caitlin Simon catch up with Bottle Match captains, Jemima Coe and Poppy Phillips about their recent success in London at the weekend. Read more

Balancing act: life as a student-athlete?

Olivia Churchill speaks with Meg Bailey about striking a balance between her life, studies and sport. Read more

Concussion: the underlying issue in Rugby?

Truthfal's Olivia Churchill headed to Falmouth Rugby Club to talk about the issue that still hangs over the game, concussion. Read more