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How to go full-time as a Freelance Journalist

A lifetime of getting published, travelling world working in far off destinations has given Petra Jacobs strong set advice to build a professional journalist on. Read more
Falifornia Feels Audio Mixdown

Falifornia Feels Audio Mixdown

An interview conducted with the organizer of Falifornia Feels, a decades night at Chintz bar taking place April 5th, 2022. Read more

Are Saharan dust clouds the new norm?

Last week’s hazy weather in the UK appeared to be something of a rare occurrence, but in recent decades Saharan dust clouds are crossing into Europe more and more. But how does this unique weather impact our environment? Is climate change to blame? Read more

Facial Recognition, The Future is Now

Local technology company TouchByte receives innovation funding, as physical contact comes under fire. Read more