Meah Howlett

Lack of varied music venues threatens South West music scene

After discovering their new single 'Bump' on a CD left by her coat at a local gig in Truro, Truthfal's Meah Howlett met up with indie-rock band Echo Chamber, to investigate what needs to change to help up-and-coming artists in the region. Read more

Today’s Headlines and Events with Meah Howlett and Amy Mansfield

We round-up the latest national and local news, on a day where Brexit takes another unpredictable turn. As well as keeping you updated with events happening in Falmouth, and further afar in South Cornwall. Read more

“You are not alone”: LGBT sport in the South West

With the BBC’s LGBT Sport Podcast now being produced in Cornwall, Truthfal’s Meah Howlett, spoke to presenter Jack Murley to discover how this content could impact a Cornish audience, and to learn of his experiences and that of others in the LGBT community within sport in the South West. Read more

‘It’s all in the crust’: the World Pasty Championships

Truthfal's Meah Howlett visits the annual celebration of the Cornish pasty at the Eden Project, to discover what is the magic behind Cornwall's most famous export. Read more

News Bulletin: Today’s headlines with Meah Howlett

We round-up the latest university events on the last day of the FXU Presidential Elections and important local news to keep you updated in South Cornwall. Read more

Mental health respite faces closure after slashed funding

The Sanctuary Project at Oakleigh House in Menheniot, will close after decision by NHS Kernow to disinvest in the only pre-crisis mental health service of its kind in the region. Read more

Local business owner heads up cardboard baler campaign

Andrew Bell, the manager of The Brig in Falmouth, and others, have approached traders within the town with a proposal to invest in a cardboard baler to improve waste management. Read more

Black Friday: is this tradition ‘dying a death’?

With the biggest annual shopping event upon us, we asked local shoppers and business owners their thoughts on the American-born tradition. Read more

TeX: a project weaving textiles, people and the environment

Truthfal’s Meah Howlett visited TeX, a non-profit organisation based in Par, dedicated to creating sustainable fashion that benefits their community. Read more