The cost of housing, food and bills are increasing at a rapid pace – and in the south west, one of the most expensive places to live in England – students and young people alike are struggling to survive. 

Hoping to help both the people of Cornwall and the planet – The CHAOS group have created a sustainable food system for Cornwall that reduces food poverty. Bridging the nutrient wealth gap and reducing carbon emissions. 

Today, I’ll be investigating the young people struggling to afford food and talking to Jack Rhodes, a head chef from Carnon Downes about what people at home can do to increase their food intake and decrease the costs. 

I spoke to Claire Cunliffe about the true effects today’s economic climate is having on the youth 

She has just finished her three-year musical theatre course at Falmouth University and is currently looking for work and a new place to live in Cornwall. 

Cornish chef Jack Rhodes found himself sleeping rough and tight for money in his late teens, but now works as a head chef in Carnon Downes. We met after I spoke with Claire to see what advice he would give young people cooking for themselves on a tight budget.  

If you’re in Cornwall and struggling to afford food, you can go to to find help available to you.