Sam Ryder, the representative of the UK, finishes second in the 2022 Eurovision contest.


With the Eurovision final right around the corner, The Chaos Group invite you to join them! On Saturday the 13th they are holding their very own watch party in collaboration with The Spaceport Cornwall.  

I spoke to Nathan Hunkin, Director of Digital at Chaos Radio, who told me about the events that have been set up for your entertainment such as BBC southwest introducing bringing along some performances. 

 Nathan Hunkin said “I think this year the top runners are Finland and Sweden. They are tipped to win. But that said Sam Ryders success last year kind of pressed the reset button a little bit.” Let us know who you think will win this year’s Eurovision in the comments below.  

 The Chaos Group also runs a radio show that can be found at Chaos.Radio where they have segments such as “Vintage” and “Noughties” keeping everyone guessing into what they may play next. They are proud to be a part of The Chaos group that provides for the community in and outside of Cornwall.  

Tickets are still up for grabs at the humble price of £10 and it will be an event to remember.

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