Local sport is attended by hundreds of fans every week, with friends and families gathering to be part of a community and to support their local team. Cornish side Mousehole AFC are lucky enough to have a rather famous fan, who stands behind the goal at Trungle Parc every other Saturday.

Photograph by Peter Flude, The Guardian.

Jenkin is most well known for his films Bait and new horror hit Enys Men, which he will be showcasing in the US at the end of this month, but aside from his director duties, Mark shares a love for the football team his father used to take him to when he was younger, and to which he discovered his love for after the pandemic.

When I spoke to Mark, he recalled how he turned into a regular supporter: “There was one game where I just thought, god there’s something really special going on here. It was that FA Cup game at the beginning of last season when there was like 600 people here or something, and I just remember thinking: there’s more people in this ground during the game than there was living in the village of Pool, which is where I live.”

Jenkin was also keen to emphasise the positive effect the sense of community had on him, off the back of visiting his local team: “I just fell in love with the community of it – going back to watching football again on a Saturday afternoon and just being able to make a 3-minute walk up the track to get here. And the bonus was the quality of football. It wasn’t just a routine, it was a joy!”

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