The Evolve team and their creation ‘Roger’ are raising awareness in Falmouth and Penryn for sustainability by hosting a carbon neutral event.

Evolve, a sustainable music and arts festival created by creative events management students, is taking place on Saturday  2nd of April.

The ‘Evolve’ team with Roger.

Have you seen Roger? They have created the “eye catching” Roger, a 5’10 man made of recyclables who they have moved around on the Penryn campus to promote their event with the hashtag #evolvefalmouth on Instagram, where they are heavily marketing their event.

Upon talking to two members of the Evolve team, Freya Butler and Elena Rautio expressed their belief that “going forwards events need to be sustainable”.

Sustainability is a buzzword that many of us might not understand, but it’s a concept that is key to securing our planets future.

Even little changes in your lifestyle can make your life more sustainable, and this event brings attention to that way of living.

“We just wanted to create an event that could be as carbon neutral as possible and educate people that are going to the event about sustainable ways in everyday life”.

Another way they have been sustainable through marketing was through their posters which were “FSC approved and are from damaged paper that would have been otherwise thrown away.”

Evolve event taking place at The Cornish Bank

On Saturday, Evolve will have a pop-up arts market in The Kings Bar during the day.

In the evening the main event is live music in The Cornish Bank, starting from 6pm.

Performances will be by local bands from the Southwest, to minimize the carbon footprint, ranging from jazz and soul to indie and funk and even some disco to wrap up the night.

All the funds from the event will go to a charity based in Penryn, Cool Earth, who aim to protect rainforests.

Freya and Elena have expressed that their aim to save rainforests is something that “they love”.

If you want to know more about the event you can go to @evolve_fal on Instagram and go here to purchase the tickets for the event.