Poster for the upcoming Falifornia Feels charity fundraiser music event

The upcoming charity event aims to put a fresh spin on retro nights, music, and fashion since the 70’s. The night will be represented by local DJs Archie Saunders and Anjum, who will be playing the finest dancefloor fillers.

Guests will be able to make song requests via the Falifornia Feels website at, giving them a chance to hear and dance to their favourite pop songs in the quirky Chintz Symposium wine bar.

All profits from the event will go directly towards the St. Petrocs charity, which supports Cornwall’s homeless citizens. The charity works at providing accommodation, support, advice, training, and resettlement services to people experiencing homelessness in Cornwall.

Eric Nicolau is an Events Management student at Falmouth University, and of the organisers of the Falifornia Feels festival. He hopes to raise over £250 for the charity by the end of the marketing campaign.

There are currently 29 people registered as homeless within the county according to the Harbour Housing homeless charity. However, that number is expected to rise after the housing crisis caused by the pandemic, and the increasing cost of living over the last few years.

According to Campaign to Protect Rural Britain, there are over 15,000 families on the social housing list, which is approximately the same number as holiday lets available in Cornwall.

The housing list has seen a 661% increase in the last 5 years, as more locals residencies are turned into holiday lets ahead of the busy summer season. This has also increased since the desire for people to “staycation” due to Covid travel restrictions.

The organisers of Falifornia Feels are events management students at Falmouth University. They feel that raising money for St Petrocs will help the homeless by and giving them a chance at a better life and providing them with the opportunities to return to work.

Tickets for the event are being sold for £2 and are available on the event’s website. For more information about the event, check out the event’s website at