Penryn Campus
Image: Falmouth University RealWORKS

Following the success of last year’s event, Falmouth University has organised a second ‘Dragons’ Den’ this year, with up to £6000 to spend on the winners and their propositions.

Their initiative being to build an “ecosystem of enterprise, entrepreneur activity” and encourage students to be their very own bosses.

Last year, the funding was up to £5000, and marked the first year that this event was held with a successful outcome.

A total of nine pitches stood in front of the panel, showcasing a huge diversity of courses, from people studying scriptwriting to business.

One of the winners, Benjamin Penrose, was a huge success as he got funding for his vintage clothing business, which continues to run.

‘Vintage Religion’ has been very popular on both Instagram and Depop. Since then, Benjamin has also become a business owner of ‘Zen Beach’ – a business that aims to provide affordable beachwear.

George Hardwick, Senior Talent Coach from RealWORKS stated:

“It’s not just the winners who have kept on, but also some of those who went through the process and even though they weren’t successful with the dragons they are still being successful.”

Hardwick also shared advice for future competitors, suggesting all applicants “need to be passionate about your idea and be clear about the value on what you are proposing. You need to have a simple clean framework to your pitch. The right support and right environment can help the students develop their business proposals and have the chance to follow it.”

Dragon’s Den is an opportunity for students to voice their ideas and become one of these success stories.

Currently six applicants are to stand in front of the panel this March.

If you are interested in the chance to pitch your idea, applications are open until  20/02/2022 and can be submitted here.