It’s been an exciting week for local pub lovers as Falmouth beer gardens began opening up on Monday after sitting empty for more than three months due to the latest lockdown.

Current government regulations, such as wearing a mask whilst not at your table and maintaining the rule of six still apply, but pub goers and pub workers alike seem to be pleased about the re-openings, regardless of Covid restrictions.

Morgan Acton, who works at The Falmouth Stable located at Custom House Quay, shared how she’s feeling about being back at work after months of furlough.

“I’m really excited to be getting back to work because my furlough hasn’t been much so I’m excited to earn some money again. I haven’t been working properly since around September, so I’m also looking forward to seeing my co-workers again. I think it’s a really nice thing being back in the pub. Especially with the sun out, sitting outside has a great atmosphere.”

Morgan Acton, member of staff at The Falmouth Stable.

The opening of hospitality sectors does come with some concerns for workers though, as it’s up to them to enforce Covid safety measures and handle large amounts of customers.

As we transition back into eating and drinking out, Morgan said, “I just hope that people respect hospitality workers, it’s a lot of work for us and when we enforce the rules, as annoying as it is for everyone, people need to remember it isn’t the pub workers who have invented them.”

A whole host of other Falmouth drinking spots have spent lockdown preparing their outside spaces for customers to enjoy while their indoor areas are still off limits.

The Chintz Symposium, located at Falmouth’s Old Brewery Yard, had a steady flow of customers upon opening their courtyard to groups of up to six.

Emily Ross, who managed to beat the crowds and get a table at The Chintz on its first day back open, said of the experience, “It was very overwhelming to see so many people back out and ready to socialise. Every pub seemed to be at capacity with queues of people waiting for long periods of time to get a table.

Emily Ross and friends enjoying their first trip to the pub in months at The Chintz Symposium.

“I’d been desperate to get a half pint of Guinness on draught for the whole of the last lockdown, so it felt good to finally get that. It’s nice to have some simple pleasures back, it really does hit differently having a drink at a pub compared to in your kitchen or in the garden,” She continued.

“Falmouth finally feels as though there’s a bit of life back in the streets. Walking through town now feels completely different to how it did before places started opening back up. It’s starting to feel as though we might have a bit of normality back for summer.”

It is hoped that the next lot of restrictions will be lifted on 17th May which will allow customers to eat and drink indoors and groups seated outside to go from 6 people to up to 30.