Cornwall Council: Standards Committee meet to review amendments made to Code of Conduct Image: Cornwall Council

Minor amendments to the members’ Code of Conduct were approved unanimously by the Standards Committee today. It will now be put forward for review by the whole Council.

Keeping councillors on their best behaviour, the Code outlines rules that members must follow to maintain high standards within the Council.

These include selflessness and an obligation to serve the public interest; honesty and integrity; objectivity; and accountability.

In July 2020, Councillor Dulcie Tudor was found to have breached the Code of Conduct after describing some protesters as the “sinister underbelly of Cornish nationalism.”

Reviews such as these take place to ensure that the Code is relevant to Cornwall and covers all bases, ensuring standards within the Council are kept high.

While the amendments of the Code were approved, several members did complain of a lack of protection from bullying and intimidation from people outside of the institution. This was raised and will be reviewed in due course.

Following the approval of these adaptations, the new Code of Conduct should gain full approval by the end of March. Some parish and town councils have, however, already started implementing these changes.

To view the amended Code of Conduct and request further information, contact