A cyclist in lockdown at night, by Christopher Sweet

Cyclist shadow, a picture of an East Sheen street in lockdown. “Outside of lockdown there would be traffic trailing back in both directions” – Credit @c.j.sweet

Though lockdown has been a slog for many, there has been the occasional glimpse of a silver lining. From stories of wildlife returning to the suburbs, to public-spirited rallying behind our key workers and the NHS, the British public has found ways to shine in the darkest of times. And as much can be said of the travel photography community.

While many social media celebrities have earned the scorn of the press in recent months with their various lockdown-breaching antics and trips to Dubai, many a travel blogger, wedding or wildlife photographer has been taking the opportunity to treat their followers to a glimpse of what’s on their own doorstep. As the #lockdownphotography builds steam, images of empty, snowy British streets are filling blogs and Instagram feeds. Here’s a rundown of some stunning photos of the UK in lockdown, and the thoughts of the photographers that created them.

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Andrea Di Fillipo: Covent Garden Andrea Di Fillipo: London bus Laurence G: Portobello Road Laurence G: Empty Notting Hill Doodah photography: Derby bridge Doodah photography: Derby riverside Doodah photography: Derby city centre Doodah photography: Darley Abbey Sam Kelly: Pulteney Bridge Sam Kelly: Christmas in Bath city centre Sam Kelly: Corridor arcade Christopher Sweet: Carnaby Street Christopher Sweet: The blizzard in Sheen Christopher Sweet: Stranger posed for photo in Sheen Christopher Sweet: Empty pubs at Brewers Lane
Christopher Sweet is a photographer known for his city and wildlife photography of Canada and North America. Here he's captured an uncharacteristically quiet Carnaby Street in London, in the lead up to Christmas. "You can have a really mundane subject, but a situation or circumstance can make it special - a foggy night time scene, a spectacular sunrise or blizzard". - Credit @c.j.sweet