Lisa Ellett

The Coronavirus is something which has shocked not only us but the entire world. I feel very lucky to live where we do, Northmoor. We have lots of green space at our property and it is wonderful that we can isolate with such large spaces around us. A good thing about this is that we have been able to exercise more than ever before, to fill the time that would usually be spent working away at our jobs and school. The global pandemic has meant that my family and I are all living at home, co-existing. There are seven of us including older children who usually live away from home so being forced to be here together has been a very positive thing for the family.

Shopping has been very different to the norm in that we have had to be creative in the kitchen and incorporate more food from the freezer. Fresh food has been very important us, none more so than daily fresh bread, with all of us chipping in with a loaf or two. Spending time with my family has been lovely but it has been sad that I haven’t had the chance to be with my mum, dad, sister and her family who are shielding at their homes just over two hours away. In these upsetting times, it has been lovely to notice the clearer skies and cleaner looking river while on my daily morning walk.

Zoom has been well-used in the house and it has been just amazing to catch up with friends via video messaging. Even though we cannot be together, we can all still enjoy a drink through the means of technology. Despite missing all my friends dearly, our social life at Yew Tree Cottage has been very relaxing and fun.

On a slightly darker note, I realised that I probably did have the virus. However, I followed the well reported government guidelines and isolated until I had recovered. This whole experience makes me hope that we all learn something from this crisis. We need to all appreciate our freedom and live our lives differently in the future. Not just for our sake but also the planet’s health. Clapping has been something that all of us and the surrounding neighbours have done every week since it began. We are all extremely grateful for what the NHS and key workers have done.

To end on a happier tone, the animals have enjoyed us being at home. The dogs, cat, chickens and also Monty, the rescued orphan duck.