The pandemic is not only having an impact on the physical well being of people but also people’s mental health, which is equally feeling the strain.

Since the lockdown at the end of March, the whole country has been advised and to stay at home and only leave in essential or emergency circumstances. However, this morning Health Secretary Matt Hancock has issued another message.

Mr. Hancock said: “If you don’t want us to have to take the step to ban exercise of all forms outside of your own home, then you’ve got to follow the rules.”

Mental Health

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson also having been tested positive for Coronavirus, it is thought that the United Kingdom is still in the thick of the battle. It has now been reported that in the United Kingdom there have been just over 40,000 confirmed cases with 4,313 deaths, yesterday also saw a decrease in announced cases for only the second time in this pandemic for the nation.

Craig Harrison is the lead facilitator with Andy’s Man Club in Plymouth, who are a male mental health group.

Craig states: “Our meetings have now moved virtual using Google Hangouts Meet, this allows our guys to still see each other, to unload any issues they have and get that consistent support in these challenging times.

He continues: “The current situation is affecting people’s mental health massively but one key aspect is to try to remain positive and one way of doing that is to balance your exposure to news and media, only look at trusted sources rather than social media. Also utilise your ability to get out and exercise and use technology like FaceTime, WhatsApp video and the like to stay connected with people.”

Nicky Nurrish is the founder of the ‘MarbelsLostAndFound’ website, which is a database of information about mental health which also has links to a range of sources.

Nicky states: “I am currently working on a COVID-19 section to help people find guides to help them as finding a lot of non-sufferers are now experiencing anxiety and depression.”

She continues: “On the flip side I am finding those of us with mental health conditions are doing pretty well, we have discussed it might be because we are used to feelings of isolation due to the nature of our conditions, but very interesting.”


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