“Anything you need, that you can’t get, you let me get it for you, I’m here. You stay indoors. Stay safe.”

This was the shout heard across my street to an elderly neighbour in Falmouth as the community rallied together at their doorsteps to clap for the National Health Service (NHS).

The nationwide applause was a gesture of immense appreciation to the thousands of NHS staff, volunteers and all members on the front line who are putting their bodies and lives at risk in order to delay the coronavirus pandemic.

Passing cars on the main road honked their horns and there were cheers of joy and gratitude heard around the town.

Almost everyone, from every house was stood clapping, showing the upmost respect for the efforts of those in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ surgeries.

It is often only at times of national joy you see neighbourhoods unite as one, for example many streets would host parties to celebrate royal weddings and coronations.

This congregation on the other hand had a different sense of unity.

There was a feeling of pride but also anxiety, with many worried that the worst is yet to come. With the continuous rising death toll in other countries, you can’t blame them.

As of Saturday 28th March, 1019 people were confirmed to have died from the virus in the UK.

Top Line = Covid 19 cases
Lower line = Covid 19 deaths


Not only in Falmouth, but the scenes of people applause across the country demonstrated just how thankful we are for the service the staff at the NHS provide.

Landmarks such as the London Eye, Wembley Stadium and the Royal Albert Hall were were coated in a blue glow to support the #lightitup campaign.

Clap for Carers Advertisement

An advertisement board in a bus stop reminding people to clap at 8pm.

Clapping at the front door would not have cured coronavirus, but the sentiment of it and the feeling it will bring to many NHS staff who are working incredibly long hours in attempt to stop this disease is unrivalled.

Covid-19 is the biggest threat to the United Kingdom since World War Two. At that time the population rallied together, obeyed government instruction, and fought through it.

Today, we should aim to do the same. There has and will be more losses to come. But by following the government guidelines this virus can be defeated.

Stay safe. Stay Isolated. Wash your hands.