Each year the Bottle Match competition alternates venues from each counterpart in a weekend of sport to determine a victor and who can hold the bottle high.

The weekend is the second oldest tradition in the UK and started as a Rugby match but has now expanded to sports including football, hockey, squash, golf, netball and basketball.

The past fixtures saw CSM win in Falmouth then lose in London, with hopes to bring the 3-foot tall bottle home this weekend in front of the home crowd.

Despite efforts to cancel the event in previous years, the varsity weekend will continue with beliefs it brings a sense of wider belonging for the universities.

George David, Captain of CSM Rugby: “Bottle Match is the pinnacle of our annual campaign as a squad. The team extends far beyond the players on the pitch that day. Once a member of CSM, always a member of CSM, meaning we have support from members of all ages across the globe. It’s an honour for all players in every sport to be part of the Bottle Match squad, especially this year when we’re bringing the bottle back home to Cornwall!”

The itinerary for this weekend is:

Friday 21 February

  • Squash, 3pm, Falmouth Sports Club
  • Tennis, 3pm, Falmouth Sports Club
  • Badminton, 4pm, Penryn Campus Sports Hall
  • Ladies Hockey, 5pm, Penryn College
  • Men’s Hockey, 6.45pm, Penryn College

Saturday 22 February

  • Netball, 10am, Penryn Campus Sports Hall
  • Football, 10.30am, Dracaena Centre
  • Lacrosse, 12 noon, Penryn Rugby Club
  • Rugby, 1.30pm, Penryn Rugby Club
  • Awards and After Party, 8pm, The Stannary

Bottle Match winners 2018