The Penryn/Falmouth Golden Gloves Round 2 will see 30 fighters box across 15 fights for charity. All the competitors have been hard at work preparing for the fight. None harder than Truthfal’s own, Elliott Trotman.

‘One shot Trot’ is representing Ted Senior Foundation, which works with mental health initiatives to prevent suicide.

Training has been hard for the young Falmouth rugby player who has been concentrating his efforts across multiple sports. “I have put everything on the line, and I need to get the result on March 19th, there’s no coming back.”

For Elliot, trying new sports is no surprise, having dabbled in most sports, he is no stranger to learning a new discipline and set of rules – a key skill for any budding journalist!

Also from the newsroom, Sarah Baker is making her debut in the ring, training hard in preparation.

In a recent interview, Sarah looked relaxed and composed talking about her training experiences.

“Going from not being being able to do push-ups to being able to do 60 in a row, the transformation I have made is impressive if I do say so myself.”

Sarah ‘The Basher’ Baker is a swimmer by choice, but has made the effort to bridge the gap from pool to ring.

“I wanted another focus other than university, and exercise is the perfect endorphin release.”

Golden Gloves Penryn/Falmouth is coming to you March 2020!