One thing Wetherspoon’s is missing is a suitable outdoor area, particularly for the summer when customers want to eat and drink out in the Cornish sunshine. But that’s all about to change, now that our beloved Spoons is finally able to open its rear doors, by turning the back car park into a beer garden!

Spoons first attempted to gain permission from Cornwall Council to build a rooftop beer garden in 2017. Their plan was declined in early 2018, due to issues surrounding conservation and noise. But, the council have finally decided to give them the all clear to expand.

Photo from Geograph

It seems there are mixed emotions about the expansion. Falmouth university student and former Spoons employee, Katie Harmon, is thrilled by the new developments:

“I think it’s exactly what the place needs. At the moment it seems like a very ‘indoorsy’ place, which is fine for some, but others like myself like to sit outside with a drink, socialise and enjoy the nice weather. This will be a nice change.”

It seems the student community are all on board with the new plans, and they look forward to seeing what it looks like. The two current outdoor areas don’t offer a lot of space; a beer garden could be just what it needs to open it up and create more space for customers to enjoy.

However, not everyone agrees that the beer garden is for the best. Local retail assistant Louise Price says:

“It’s tough, because I do like Spoons and the whole atmosphere, but I don’t think a beer garden is the answer. I live quite close to Spoons, and I can just imagine the late nights and hearing people outside causing a stir. It just doesn’t appeal to me and I’m sure others who live right next door will agree with me”.

The local residents put up with a lot from us students. Will a beer garden disturb the peace? Is this the final straw in the battle between the students and the locals? Only time will tell.