Video shot by Charles Currie, Cameron Weldon and Cam Jenkins

On Monday evening waves up 28ft were seen breaking onto Portreath.

Storm Ciara brought extreme sea conditions onto the North Coast of Cornwall. The Coastguard were located up and down the coast on call to attended to anyone in difficulties.

Speaking to Truthfal, a Coastguard spokesperson said: “People don’t generally see the dangers. They generally have the ‘I’ve lived all my life’ attitude.”

They explained: “If anyone gets dragged in it’s going to be 15 minutes for us to be on scene. And 15 minutes in there (the sea) it’s going to be a long 15 minutes. So we would rather be here to prevent that situated than have to react to it.”

In January 2018, Storm Eleanor destroyed a 40ft section of the Harbour wall in Portreath. Cormac workers were able to rebuild and strengthen the wall, which has appeared to hold up well following Storm Ciara.