Here are the election hopefuls and their manifestos:

Candidates for President Falmouth:

James Pearce

  • Acting on our Declaration of a Climate Emergency
  • Unify the Uni
  • Prioritise your mental health and wellbeing
  • Let’s all just take a minute
  • Of ‘course’ there should be more collaboration
  • Refresh your freshers and events


Lizzy Marshall

  • Course collaboration platform
  • Put your mark on campus
  • Student Discount
  • Improved student networks
  • Student rep feedback
  • Student mentor funding
  • Environmental campus
  • Recording lectures
  • Better structure for wellbeing
  • Student timetabling
  • Advance Falmouth campus
  • Student hall development
  • Expand the workshop festival

Maria Meekings

  • Aid Mentors and Pass Scheme
  • ‘You said, we did’ report
  • Cross course collaboration
  • Support mental Health
  • Improve employability
  • Strengthen the rep system


Candidates for President Exeter:

Mia Terra St Hill

  • Sustainability
  • Academic
  • Student Engagement
  • Campuses

Grace Turner

  • Wellbeing
  • Course Related Feedback
  • Develop Exeter Learning Environment
  • Champion Post-Grad and combined Honours Reps
  • Social and Financial Transparency
  • Enhance communication on campus
  • Long term plan for those affected by strike action
  • Truro campus expansion
  • Student Involvement

Cara Chittenden

  • Funding for Exeter Cornwall Campus
  • Encourage lecturers to provide feedback on Turnitin
  • Access to Societies and modules based at Streatham campus
  • Black tie graduation as well as summer ball
  • More academic trips
  • Greater access to modules
  • Longer window to switch modules at start of term
  • Pushing module convenors to create more diverse reading lists
  • More accessible subject reps
  • Liaising with mental health charities
  • Mental health training for all personal tutors
  • Liaising with environmental campaign groups


Candidates for student experience:


  • Improve travel
  • Revive the library
  • Improving hardship funds/barriers
  • Green campus
  • Stannary events

Ellen Monaghan

  • Make change happen
  • Better study facilities
  • Fix campus events
  • Support for student workers
  • Launch a positive news platform
  • Cheap travel options
  • Embed sustainability
  • Improve food
  • Increase engagement
  • Lobby for transparency
  • Better support for student opportunities
  • Improve sports provision

Ana Grilo

  • Redesign freshers week
  • Improve relations between students and locals
  • Capping campus parking fees at £5 daily and the first 1.5 hours free
  • Improve campus events
  • Reduce food waste
  • Set up food donation point

Amelia Banton

  • Low bus prices
  • Minibus between both campuses
  • Text book recycling
  • Sustainability
  • Sports pitches
  • Academic society autonomy
  • Volunteering
  • Grad Ball
  • International celebrations
  • Water fountains and microwaves
  • Study and exhibition space and Falmouth library refurbishment


Candidates for President Welfare and Inclusivity:

Zoe Burden

  • Work to improve inclusive infrastructure
  • Give all students with disabilities the opportunity to book a One to One tutorial with head of year/course leader
  • Hold monthly live streamed Snack n Chat events to discuss general welfare
  • Increase offerings of diverse, inclusive and welfare focused
  • activities
  • Increase attention to events and campaigns
  • Develop an annual celebration event
  • Link feedback from various systems
  • Continue to support successful projects

Tremaine Berry

  • S.A.D Campaign
  • Digital Welfare
  • Promote Tools from SU website
  • Tackle conflict
  • The fifth pledge; you decide

Charlotte Agnew

  • Bring in more funding for mental wellbeing services
  • Make application forms for wellbeing and living support easier to fill out
  • Introduce more accessible routes on campus
  • Make subtitles mandatory
  • Introduce more quiet space on campus
  • Make housing easier to find with a widget on the Falmouth app.
  • Highlighting different student experiences with a short film series project, acknowledging more diversity for international students and isolated students
  • Introduce more collaboration between different students and courses
  • Introduce more frequent international food weeks
  • Celebrate important cultural dates each month with student union events.