Photo from Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union

The Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union has set up an event to celebrate and educate healthy relationships and sex.

Friday 14th February will see the third edition of Sexhibition for the universities. External organisations such as Women’s Centre Cornwall and Brook will be attending to showcase what they do.

The exhibition will involve a variety of adult games, DJ, free welfare products, information from Coppafeel, Wellbeing support services, First Light, Brook, many other external organisations, and even a surf simulator.

Welfare and Inclusivity President, Allie Guy told Truthfal: “We try to make it a fun and engaging format to kind of take away some of the stigma that tends to come with anything to do with sex”.

She added: “I think (sexual health) awareness has improved but there definitely is still a stigma. I think it is through events like these that we keep breaking away at that little bit.”

The Student Union is also hosting the ‘Love is Love’ club night at the Stannary on Friday night.

For more information on each event, keep an eye on the Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union social media pages.